Managed IT Services is a large market expecting to grow 12% per year. With increased competition and the advancement of cyberthreats, robust, all-encompassing security packages are a must. Therefore, new opportunities are arising, including Blackpoint’s latest offering, Managed Application Control. Managed Application Control provides a fresh perspective on the zero-trust approach, giving forward-thinking MSPs a powerful edge against competitors.

Managed Application Control integrates and reinforces a cycle of innovation where Blackpoint’s Adversary Pursuit Group informs the product’s Curated Rules Block list while the Security Operations Center enforces it, along with MSPs’ Custom Block Rules list, and acts upon threats on your behalf. This cyclical relationship facilitates continuous product improvement that keeps Blackpoint partners paces ahead of ever-evolving threat actors.

Forward-Looking Security Posture

From an MSP’s perspective, Managed Application Control is a value-rich solution that progressively adapts to the shifting threat landscape. By offering a security posture that is not only reactive but also forward-looking, Managed Application Control enhances an MSP’s overall capability to defend their clients’ systems from contemporary threats. Threat actors spend every day not only recycling tried-and-true tactics, but also innovating to create new techniques as the threat landscape expands. In response, our Curated Block Rules list is continually maintained to ensure product updates stay ahead of threat actors’ next steps. Each day that a threat actor is unsuccessful, is another day Blackpoint partners live to scale their business.

Unification of Security Efforts

With Managed Application Control, MSPs can experience the unification of security efforts. They can optimize their security posture through an aligned defense strategy by allowing Blackpoint’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Application Control to work in concert. This unified approach is managed by an elite, around-the-clock team of cybersecurity experts, ensuring that the defense strategy is comprehensive and well-executed. This unification allows Blackpoint partners to say goodbye to the resource strain, poor UI/UX, and bottlenecks that come with traditional zero trust.

Optimizing Resources

Managed Application Control also provides the crucial benefit of resource optimization. By integrating Managed Application Control into an MSP’s security strategy, it is possible to achieve the goals of a zero-trust approach without the friction typically experienced internally and externally. This means:

  • reducing time and effort spent on manual security tasks,
  • improving end user experience,
  • optimizing labor, and
  • maximizing product spend.

When pairing your security tools with Blackpoint Cyber, we elevate their services through additional protection, increased ease of access, and threat intel to complement what they provide.

The Result: A Standard Stack Built to Scale

Blackpoint’s mission is to continually invest in the maturity of MSPs’ security offering and business growth. We do so through the existence of Blackpoint Response, our cybersecurity ecosystem, and the launch of Blackpoint University, our educational platform for the MSP community.

Managed Application Control, the newest addition to Blackpoint Response, is available at no additional cost, enabling MSPs with a standard stack built to scale. This not only provides robust protection for clients but also positions the MSP as a progressive, forward-thinking provider, ready to tackle the challenges of the evolving cyberthreat landscape, without complications for the end user.

In conclusion, Managed Application Control represents an exciting opportunity for MSPs. Its implementation can unify security efforts, optimize resources, and round out a scalable, effective security stack. As we move into an increasingly digital future inundated with innovative threat actors, MSPs must continually evolve and adapt, and Managed Application Control offers a promising pathway to do just that.

About Managed Application Control

Managed Application Control provides our partners with simplified oversight into what matters most. With Blackpoint’s MDR capabilities and threat insight, you can apply curated application settings to your and your clients’ extended perimeters. Reduce operational bottlenecks while improving user experience with this Blackpoint Response exclusive today.

To learn more about Managed Application Control, check out our Solutions page. 

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