In a year marked by innovation and strategic partnerships, Blackpoint Cyber (Blackpoint) continued to redefine the cybersecurity landscape. And what better time to recap key milestones achieved in 2023. From new products, partnerships, and partner enablement offerings, Blackpoint had a lot to share this year.

Product Offerings

In 2023, Blackpoint Cyber introduced a plethora of sophisticated security solutions.

  • Q1: Managed EDR Expansion: Blackpoint offers streamlined, fully managed integrations. This offering has been expanded to include Crowdstrike, further elevating their network visibility and proactive threat remediation.
  • Q2: Managed Application Control: This offering enhances oversight capabilities for partners, leveraging Blackpoint’s MDR expertise and threat intelligence to streamline application control.
  • Q3 and Q4: Updated Cloud Response for Microsoft 365 & the launch of Cloud Response for Google Workspace: These solutions offer robust defense mechanisms against cloud-based threats, integrating advanced detection features like malicious login analytics and email security.
  • Q4: Identity Response for Azure AD: This Cloud Response feature provides critical insights into unauthorized Azure SSO logins, fortifying Azure environments.

Key Partnerships and New Team Members

The year was also notable for strategic collaborations and team members who add exceptional value. The $190 million growth investment led by Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Accel bolstered Blackpoint’s position as a technology-focused cybersecurity leader. A landmark partnership with Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace leader, significantly expanded Blackpoint Cyber’s reach in the MSP sector. Furthermore, the Andretti Autosport sponsorship exemplified Blackpoint’s commitment to excellence and performance, mirroring the qualities of Andretti’s Kyle Kirkwood. The company also welcomed several key executives, to enhance its leadership and community engagement. Such team members include:

Community Enablement

Blackpoint Cyber demonstrated a dedication to community empowerment, serving as a cornerstone in fostering cybersecurity awareness and resilience. This commitment is evident in their wide-ranging initiatives aimed at educating, engaging, and empowering their partners, as well as the greater MSP community, contributing significantly to a more secure and informed cyber ecosystem.

  • Q2: Blackpoint University: This educational platform provides users with comprehensive courses on leadership, sales, finance, and more to empower them when it comes to running a business securely and successfully.
  • Q3: Updated Blackpoint Cyber Portal: The revamped partner portal offers an enhanced user experience with streamlined customer management and product configuration.
  • Q4: “Return of the Mac” Podcast: This podcast, hosted by MacKenzie Brown, provides valuable insights into breach response and cybersecurity trends, solidifying Blackpoint’s role as an educator in the cybersecurity arena.

The Power of the Blackpoint SOC

In the backdrop of a year marked by innovative product launches, strategic partnerships, and community-centric initiatives, the unwavering expertise of Blackpoint Cyber’s Security Operations Center (SOC) team has been a cornerstone of success. With each new product and partnership, the SOC team adeptly managed surges in operational demands. In 2023, they experienced a 632% increase in Cloud Response saves, ingested over 512,000 alerts, and detained threats, on average, in less than 20 minutes. Amidst it all, they’ve maintained a perfect record against mass ransomware. These accomplishments are a testament to Blackpoint Cyber’s steadfast dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions for their partners and fortifying defenses against the increasingly sophisticated tactics of threat actors.

About Blackpoint Cyber

Blackpoint Cyber is driven by the idea that every organization should have access to nation-state-grade cybersecurity solutions. Through its network of partners, Blackpoint brings a comprehensive security stack coupled with an elite security operations center that delivers industry-leading response times, every time. Founded in 2014 by former Department of Defense security and intelligence experts, Blackpoint’s origin is in offensive security solutions that prevent even the most sophisticated threat actor tactics. Blackpoint is the shield businesses need in the unfair fight against cyberthreats, removing the burden of security and enabling businesses to thrive in the evolving threat landscape. To learn more, visit

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