We are excited to announce our cloud security offering, Cloud Response, has officially expanded to protect Google Workspace! Over the past year, Blackpoint partners have reaped the benefits of Microsoft 365 cloud security. Now, we look forward to serving the wider email security market, including Google Workspace users. With the rise in cloud security needs, there is no better time to enhance our offering and remain committed to providing streamlined security solutions.

In-House Insight on Cloud Security

Cloud Response, an extension of our MDR service, provides our SOC with visibility into more contextual data to respond to when defending businesses around the clock. As we have collected cloud-specific data over the past year, our findings have emphasized its critical presence in all businesses’ IT efforts. Firstly, we’ve found that cloud incidents occur at nine times the rate as on-premises incidents. Secondly, we have observed and identified five prominent, persistent email exploitations:

  1. The Lack of MFA and MFA Bypass
  2. RSS and External Forwarding Rules
  3. Logins from Proxy or VPN to Bypass Conditional Access Geoblocking
  4. Legacy Authentication
  5. Logins from Suspicious User Agents

The exponential growth in cloud adoption means a vast amount of sensitive data, operations, and assets now reside in the cloud. As businesses have transitioned their data storage and communication platforms to cloud-based environments, the potential points of vulnerability multiply. Furthermore, with the ongoing presence of remote work, the boundaries that once defined an organization’s IT infrastructure are fading, making cloud security indispensable. It’s not just about preventing unauthorized access; it’s about ensuring data integrity, maintaining operational continuity, and fostering trust with stakeholders. Being aware of cloud vulnerabilities is the first step, and it serves as a reminder for businesses, regardless of the industry: in the modern age, cloud security isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

The 411 on Cloud Response for Google Workspace

So, how does Cloud Response step in? We have outfitted Cloud Response for Google Workspace with five distinct features based on our intel.

  1. Google Account: Login from Unapproved Country
    • A user signs in from a country not on the approved list
  2. Google Account: Suspicious Login
    • A login flagged as suspicious by our analytics engine. This could be due to successful logins from the Dark Web (TOR), risky countries, malicious VPN usage, or anomalous residential proxy usage.
  3. Ability to respond and disable a Google Account
  4. Gmail: Suspicious Email Filtering Rule Created
    • An email filter rule that’s flagged as suspicious by our analytics engine.
  5. Gmail: External Email Forwarding Rule Created
    • An alert when a new email forward rule is created that sends mails to a mailbox outside your organization.

While most solutions on the market only alert you to take action, Cloud Response provides a fast and unified response to threats on your behalf. Even with detection rules in place, our SOC always responds to and threat hunts every suspicious action. That’s the power of proprietary technology paired with human response.

Get Started with Blackpoint Response

For those familiar with our Cloud Response for Microsoft 365, the integration process remains seamless. Within one product offering, you can receive active response for diverse on-premises networks and cloud environments. You can access Cloud Response through Blackpoint Response, which additionally features:

  • MDR
  • Managed Application Control
  • Managed EDR
  • Ransomware Response
  • Managed Defender for Endpoint
  • Vulnerability Management

Altogether, Blackpoint ensures your cloud environment and endpoints remain protected from advanced cyberthreats. From a Google perspective, Cloud Response for Google Workspace is available for all plans, including partial support for Business Collaboration Platform Essentials, which doesn’t include Gmail.

Leverage the Blackpoint Way

For our Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the introduction of Cloud Response for Google Workspace is a game-changer. MSPs play a pivotal role in safeguarding the IT infrastructure of countless businesses, many of which have come to heavily rely on Google Workspace. With this enhanced security offering, our partners can now deliver a more comprehensive and fortified level of protection that aligns with the Blackpoint caliber. This not only boosts their service portfolio but also provides them with a distinct competitive edge in the market. By ensuring that businesses dependent on Google Workspace are safeguarded against modern threats, MSPs can further solidify their position as trusted security advisors. Moreover, by delivering a solution tailored for Google Workspace, partners demonstrate their adaptability and commitment to cater to the evolving needs of their clientele. In essence, this offering is more than just a security feature—it’s a tangible tool that empowers our MSP partners to uphold and elevate their promise of unparalleled protection.

Protect Google Environments Today

In conclusion, the ever-growing emphasis on cloud security can’t be overstated. As cloud environments become integral to business operations, ensuring their security is paramount. Cloud Response for Google Workspace is a testament to our dedication to offering advanced and tailored cloud protection.

Ready to elevate your email security offering? Don’t wait. Book a demo with us today and discover the future of proactive cloud security!

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