Episode Summary

The day after Exchange’s zero-day (read more about it in our LinkedIn post), The Unfair Fight took to LinkedIn Live to record its latest podcast episode. Robel Campbell, Blackpoint’s Reverse Engineer, joined Jon Murchison, Xavier Salinas, and David Rushmer for the first time to discuss the zero-day, as well as Uber’s recent hack, and the use of ISO files in malware. Impacted by tradecraft that surpasses AV, as well as MFA fatigue, these four discuss lessons learned, the correlating research they’ve been conducting, and GTSC’s (a Vietnamese cybersecurity company) commendable response and mitigation steps. Get the inside scoop on the threat intel that drives our investigations and product development.

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Blackpoint Cyber does the fighting for you, but do you ever wish you could get closer to the action? Hear all the details firsthand at our podcast, The Unfair Fight. Listen to regular episodes where founder & CEO, Jon Murchison, is joined by special guests and Blackpoint’s CTO and Director of Threat Research, Xavier Salinas and David Rushmer, to talk about all things cybersecurity.

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