For Jeb Corliss, surviving a harrowing experience is just another day at the office. A professional skydiver, BASE jumper, and wingsuit pilot, Jeb has more than 2,000 death-defying jumps under his belt. In this two-part episode, Jon Murchison talks with Jeb about what it means to truly live life on the edge, with Jeb describing some of his most dangerous jumps and how he overcomes fear. Jon and Jeb also discuss Jeb’s book, Memoirs From the Edge, in which Jeb shares how he discovered his interest in jumping and turned that passion into a career despite the odds. One of the most skilled and experienced BASE jumpers in the world, Corliss has leapt off the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and into a half-mile deep cave in China. Immersing listeners in the world of extreme adventure, it’s a conversation about breaking boundaries, testing frontiers, and accomplishing the impossible. Stay tuned for part two in the coming weeks!

About the Unfair Fight Podcast

Welcome to The Unfair Fight, a podcast by Jon Murchison, the founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber. Previously an NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, Jon spent more than a decade executing high-priority national security missions. Now, he welcomes experts onto his podcast. Together, they participate in compelling conversations surrounding geopolitics, high-level performance in diverse fields, entrepreneurship, and the current cybersecurity landscape.

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