In this concluding segment of a two-part episode, professional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss delves deeper into his remarkable journey of finding purpose through extreme jumping. In Part Two, Jeb describes miraculously surviving a fatal accident and how it transformed his entire outlook on life, imparting invaluable lessons during the desperate seconds when death seemed imminent. Jeb’s evolution from a despondent teenager to a lover of life serves as an inspiration to anyone who has confronted adversity and fear. Join Jon Murchison as he and Jeb wrap up a fascinating episode that explores survival, resilience, and getting a second chance at life.

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Welcome to The Unfair Fight, a podcast by Jon Murchison, the founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber. Previously an NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, Jon spent more than a decade executing high-priority national security missions. Now, he welcomes experts onto his podcast. Together, they participate in compelling conversations surrounding geopolitics, high-level performance in diverse fields, entrepreneurship, and the current cybersecurity landscape.

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