George Piro is best known for being the lone interrogator of Saddam Hussein who succeeded in getting the dictator to spill his secrets. But there is much more to Piro’s extraordinary life and career. From escaping war-torn Lebanon to becoming a decorated FBI special agent and professional jiu-jitsu fighter, George’s journey is one of courage, dedication, and purpose. Listen as Jon Murchison uncovers George’s experiences assimilating as an immigrant through martial arts, embracing a career in law enforcement, and joining the FBI, where his native Arabic skills led him to pivotal roles in counterterrorism and on the FBI Fly Team during the Iraq War. Gain insights into his passion for physical fitness and mental strength and hear the life lessons that informed how he approached his role as special agent in charge of the FBI Miami Field Office. Hear in his words the trait that sets true champions apart—and be inspired by George Piro’s story of perseverance, gratitude, and serving a cause bigger than oneself.

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Welcome to The Unfair Fight, a podcast by Jon Murchison, the founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber. Previously an NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, Jon spent more than a decade executing high-priority national security missions. Now, he welcomes experts onto his podcast. Together, they participate in compelling conversations surrounding geopolitics, high-level performance in diverse fields, entrepreneurship, and the current cybersecurity landscape.

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