Episode Summary

Welcome to The Unfair Fight podcast! I am your host, Jon Murchison, Founder & CEO of Blackpoint Cyber, and I am thrilled to launch the show and explore a number of topics in the cyber, tech, and security world. We’ll learn, have fun, and maybe even throw in a controversial opinion or two along the way. This week I am joined by Co-Hosts Xavier Salinas, VP of Threat Operations, Blackpoint Cyber, and Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics. We discuss areas of vulnerability research, cyberwar, and what a tech attack on a large scale could really look like. We talk about the big three ransomware groups and the tools they use, important information for cloud vendors to know, and our thoughts on the CVE process and pen-testing tools. We wrap up discussing why it’s important to respect your adversaries and not take their skills for granted. It’s a blast debating some of these hot potato topics, and there’s much more coming soon, so stay tuned!

Meet the Guest Speaker

Brian Dykstra has over 21 years experience in investigations, computer forensics, incident response, network and wireless security testing and information security policy. Before founding Atlantic Data Forensics, Mr. Dykstra was the CIO & Director of Professional Education and a founding member of Mandiant, where he was responsible for thedevelopment and management of numerous advanced computer security and cybercrime investigation courses. While at Mandiant, Mr. Dykstra annually trained over 400 FBI Cyber Crime agents as well as many state and local investigators through a series of highly acclaimed cybercrime investigation courses as Mandiant’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).

About the Unfair Fight Podcast

Blackpoint Cyber does the fighting for you, but ever wish you could get closer to the action? Hear all the details firsthand at our podcast, The Unfair Fight. Listen to monthly episodes where Founder & CEO, Jon Murchison, VP of Threat Operations, Xavier Salinas, and Director of Threat Research, David Rushmer, get real and talk all things cybersecurity and more.

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