Episode Summary

This week, Xavier Salinas, CTO, and David Rushmer, Director of Threat Research, welcome Phyllis Lee, Senior Director of Controls at the Center of Internet Security. Lee has over 25 years of experience in information assurance, security automation, and is experienced in both vulnerability assessments and virtualization research. Prior to joining CIS, she dedicated her services to the National Security Agency (NSA).

Lee discusses working with small and medium enterprises and the amazing response CIS has had from the community. The Center’s mission is to provide best security practices for organizations of all sizes and to serve ‘the underserved’. She talks about the importance of set standards for organizations to integrate globally, as well as misconceptions about security industries. Lee also gives her thoughts on indicators of compromise (IoC) versus behavior and why we should always focus on intent.

It is crucial for businesses to abide by suggested best practices, regardless of industry, and to have an around-the-clock true managed detection and response service. Doing so will up your offensive and defensive security strategy against hacker groups who are constantly advancing their tradecraft efforts. Learn more about CIS and Blackpoint’s similar missions to help businesses win against the unfair cyber fight, here.

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