The Blackpoint team is back from NerdioCon 2024, but we’re still riding high on the experience in the Dominican Republic. There’s nothing we love more than meeting up with MSPs, deepening relationships with our partners, learning about your challenges, and sharing what we’re seeing on the front lines of detection and response. Plus, as experts in MDR for Microsoft’s security solutions, we have a special place in our heart for NerdioCon. Here’s a quick recap of our time there with the top 5 things we shared or learned.

1. If your business model is jacked…

hackers are gonna hack. Our CEO and founder, Jon Murchison, spoke on the MSP market opportunity for MDR and covered common pitfalls of MSP security stacks. MSPs are often either underinvested in security, leaving gaps in protection, or they are overinvested, with a bloated stack of overlapping solutions demanding multiple in-house resources. Murchison highlighted the importance of a streamlined security stack and the benefits of vendor consolidation and standardization.


2. Identity is both friend and foe

Our VP of Security, MacKenzie Brown, used her breakout session to speak about the double-edged sword of identity. SSO, for example, enhances user convenience and allows for centralized management. But threat actors find it attractive too—it gives them access to multiple passwords in a single breach point. Brown shared a case study about attackers abusing identity to pivot from cloud to on-prem via Microsoft Intune. She covered ways to control lateral movement, such as increasing visibility via tools like Dark Web Scan.


3. You can offer frictionless security despite your challenges

Our senior solutions advisor Derek Kornbluth hosted “speed dating” roundtable sessions, with MSPs gathering around the table for 10 minutes at a time to learn about Blackpoint’s offerings. Kornbluth discussed MSPs’ cybersecurity challenges—such as talent retention, regulation, security sales—and how, in spite of it all, MSPs can gain a frictionless path forward with the power of Microsoft and Blackpoint. As Microsoft’s offering grows, Blackpoint supports many integrations to provide immediate value to MSP partners and their clients, with offerings like Managed Defender for Endpoint, Managed Defender for Business, and Cloud Response for Microsoft 365, to name a few.


4. Being a security vendor doesn’t mean we can’t live on the edge

You can’t go to Punta Cana without making time to enjoy paradise. For us, that meant adventure. Like swimming with sharks and stingrays, and hanging 800 meters above the jungle on one of the longest ziplines in the Caribbean. We teamed up with CyberFox, NinjaOne and Microsoft to take MSPs on two unforgettable excursions: An afternoon at a floating island to paddle surf, swim and snorkel with sea creatures; and a ziplining adventure in a lush tropical mountain range.



5. When you see clearly, you can gain the trust of clients

NerdioCon presented many opportunities for networking and learning more about your challenges and how we can continually improve our partnerships to help MSPs see clearly. That means helping you recognizing your opportunities for business growth in the area of cybersecurity. And of course, it also means providing tools to help you gain more visibility into your clients’ attack surface, so you can become a trusted advisor but also a protector, with the power of Blackpoint behind you all the way.

We hope to see you next year at NerdioCon 2025! In the meantime, learn more about the Blackpoint difference today.



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